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July 22, 2019

Things To Do In Dorset On A Rainy Day

When the weather is unpredictable, what do we do? Well, a cosy evening in your Bridport holiday cottage would obviously be lovely, but during the day you naturally want to get out and about. Dorset is a beautiful county and Bridport a beautiful town, so there are plenty of things you can get up to during the spells of rain.


Art Wave West, Contemporary Art Gallery

For those of us who love splashes of colour, artistry, and the abstract, Art Wave West is a contemporary art gallery that will dazzle the eyes. As a contemporary gallery, artists are selected for exhibitions that are fascinating and distinctive. You may be admiring a landscape piece before discovering the bright expressions of an abstract piece, and then find yourself moved by a portrait. Shelter from grey skies and rain within the white walls and vibrant works of this art gallery just a stone’s throw from your holiday cottage in Dorset.


Electric Palace, Live Theatre and Cinema

Whether you’re in Bridport for a show or are looking for a way to shelter from some drizzle, the Electric Palace has plenty of entertainment. Established as an opera house in 1926, the Electric Palace is a cultural and architectural marvel of Bridport. With its traditional Art Deco design, it has retained its charm over the decades and still pulls in audiences today. Live theatre and big names visit the stage (think productions starring James Corden and Legally Blonde The Musical featuring local Bridport talent) and some of the latest films appear on the cinema screens. Of course, there are child-friendly productions and films for families and travelling comedians for the adults and couples. There’s something for everyone at the Electric Palace!


The Dinosaur Museum

The perfect family rainy day out, the Dinosaur Museum is interactive and exciting. In a converted Victorian schoolhouse you may walk amongst dinosaur skeletons, life-sized reconstructions of Stegosaurus and T-Rex, and immerse yourself in the Jurassic world. Forget about the rain as your kids (and you!) will touch real fossils, smell the breath of a T-Rex, and take part in fossil discoveries in the excavation pit. Fully interactive and immersive, this day out is a full-on experience that will have you forgetting about the rain outside. When you’re ready to retire after a day of discovery, your holiday cottage in Bridport will be waiting for you and your little explorers.


Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium

The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site with rock formations that date back 185 million years. It’s hard not to marvel at the natural landscape and all of the wildlife that comes with it. You can learn about the species of fish and crabs that live in the water of the iconic Jurassic coast at the Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium, where interactive experiences and feeding take place every day. This is a great day out for families as your little ones can hold crabs and starfish, feed fish, and marvel at the creatures that can be found in the rock pools and seas surrounding Dorset. This is a great way to entertain kids on rainy days and, who knows, you might take inspiration and go in search of rock pools when the weather improves!


Jurassic Fun Centre

Your family don’t get to get wet in the rain, but what about getting wet at the swimming pool? The Jurassic Fun Centre has something for everyone: an adult swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room, and a kids’ pool complete with slides and water cannons. After splashing about, you can enjoy some food in the licensed bar or even play a couple of games of bowling at the bowling alley. A nice sheltering from the rain and sure to tucker young families out, the Jurassic Fun Centre is just that: fun.


An Afternoon In At Your Holiday Cottage

Our holiday cottages in Bridport are so comfortable and nice that you could even spend a romantic day in. Rediscover some old family favourites – anyone for charades? – whilst you relax in your holiday cottage before venturing out when the rain dies down. There’s plenty to do (or not to do) in Dorset, and you can discover it all from the comfort of your holiday cottage. Contact Us today to find out our availability.

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